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Dri-Max Restoration is there when your family needs us most.

Water Damage Restoration

The effects of flooding on a home or business can be devastating. If restoration services are not immediately begun, then the damage expands, weakening the structural integrity of the building and increasing economic loss. The danger to human health likewise cannot be overstated.

Dri-Max Restoration is there when your family needs us most. Our comprehensive menu of water damage restoration services makes us a reliable choice when your Miami home or office is compromised by flooding.

Available to Help with Any Level of Water Damage in Miami

We have helped Miami families and business owners in all sorts of flooding scenarios. These include:

  • In the aftermath of a hurricane
  • After a street flood
  • When water pipes have burst
  • After a significant plumbing leak has been discovered
  • When fire and emergency services have used water hoses in or around your home

Water May Cause Severe Damage

The effects of even a few inches of water in a building may be devastating. Carpets are drenched, and hardwood flooring may be absorbing massive amounts of water. The subfloor may be affected too. Drywall may become soaked as do wall studs and ceiling joists. If not quickly addressed, this water damage may undermine the structural integrity of the building and cause the need for extensive reconstruction.

Your personal belongings similarly are vulnerable in a flood. Furniture, mattresses, linens, clothing, valuables, artwork and more all may be damaged when water goes where it doesn’t belong. It can all add up to a stunning economic loss unless you act quickly to address the situation.
Dri-Max Restoration Is There When You Need Us

Dri-Max Restoration is available on a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week basis. That’s because we recognize that water damage can happen at any time, day or night. When it occurs, it is vital that you act quickly to minimize the damage. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can be on the spot, assessing the damage and strategizing the best remediation methods.

A Fleet Equipped to Stop Water Damage

Each specially equipped water damage response vehicle in our fleet carries with it everything that is necessary to deal with a flood situation in a residence or business. This enables our team to start immediately after assessing the extent of the water damage.

We recognize that time is of the essence when it comes to flooding. Acting fast and taking the appropriate measures are critical to making your home livable again and maintaining your family’s health and safety. That’s why we only use the best industry practices and the most advanced technology and equipment that are available. Doing so ensures that we get the job done right.

State-of-the-Art Water Damage Restoration Equipment

Our water extractors are nothing short of top-of-the-line. They are incredibly powerful so that they can remove excess water from building interiors in a remarkably short time period. These fast-acting extractors are just one of the features that make our water damage restoration services so effective.

Once the excess water is removed, it is necessary to ensure that everything from structural elements to your personal belongings is dry. The process begins with cutting-edge moisture detection equipment that tells our technicians exactly where water may still be hiding on the property. From saturation testing kits to hygrometers, this moisture detection equipment is designed to help us find water wherever it may lurk, ensuring that the remediation process is thorough and successful.

Powerful turbo dryers are brought in to evaporate excess moisture and circulate warm air throughout the affected structure. Walls, furniture, carpets and footings will quickly begin to dry once this technology is in use. Dehumidifiers also are brought in to regulate moisture levels in the air. With less moisture in the air, the dangers of secondary damage are minimized.

Large-scale disinfection will be carried out as well. Water leaves behind and encourages the growth of many microorganisms like mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria. A strong disinfectant is precisely what is needed to stop these issues in their tracks.

Unpleasant smells also frequently arrive in the aftermath of flooding. To combat this, Dri-Max Restoration uses deodorizing agents that are powerful yet environmentally friendly. This makes them safe to use even in the rooms where your children sleep.

Our technicians also use specialized equipment that is designed to dry furniture and a range of personal items. This equipment not only ensures that these items are dry but also clean so that they can be safely used once again.

Act Now to Minimize Damage

Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. The Dri-Max Restoration team will arrive on site as quickly as possible and get straight to work. This may involve emergency repairs that stop water from coming in and causing more damage. Then, the entire situation will be assessed to determine the extent of the problem and the best methods to use for remediation.

Our team arrives at your front door, ready to take action. They are able to do this because each of our fleet vehicles is equipped with all of the basic tools that are needed to stop water damage in its tracks. It may be necessary to bring in extra equipment and supplies, and this can be done with surprising speed.

Dri-Max Restoration is a locally owned and operated company that has been doing business in the Miami area for many years. We work hard to please our customers because we consider them our friends and neighbors. We want to be known as the company that treats clients like family, and that means that when an emergency strikes, we’re always there to answer the call.

If you are dealing with the effects of a flood on your property, contact Dri-Max Restoration. We’re available 24/7 to help you effectively respond to water damage so you can get back to enjoying a safe and comfortable home.


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