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Recovering from a fire requires time, but by putting in the effort, it is possible to return the structure back to pre-loss conditions.

Fire Damage Restoration

When a fire strikes in a home or office, the resulting damage can be widespread. Even where the damage doesn’t show, unpleasant smells may linger. Is it even possible to return the structure back to pre-loss conditions?

With the help of well-trained, licensed and insured fire damage restoration professionals, it is possible to make your home safe and livable again. Dri-Max Restoration has already helped countless Miami families and business owners get back to life as usual by providing their comprehensive fire damage restoration services. Call us at any time, day or night, to have an expert technician visit your property.

Even a small house fire can cause a surprising amount of damage. If firefighters respond to an emergency call, they may put the fire out, but they also can worsen the damage. They may have to make a ventilation hole in the roof, break some windows or knock down a door. Even if these events do not occur, the water and the chemicals that emergency responders use to put out fires can cause an entirely different kind of damage.

Your house is still standing, but with the damage from the fire and water and the accompanying smells, it’s not possible to live there. What you need is a company that provides complete fire damage restoration services.

The Fire Restoration Process

Recovering from a fire requires time, but by putting in the effort, it is possible to return the structure back to pre-loss conditions. This may involve replacing some sheetrock or shingles on the roof, but all of the work will be worthwhile when you finally get to return to your good-as-new home.

The fire restoration process begins as soon as you call Dri-Max Restoration in Miami. No matter how extensive the damage is or what sort of fire caused it, Dri-Max is prepared to make an immediate response.

1. Inspection and Assessment

Immediately after arriving on site, the fire damage restoration team begins assessing which steps will be required to return your home to pre-loss condition. A thorough inspection reveals the true extent of the damage. This may include damage resulting from flames or the smoke and soot that are associated with fires. We’ll also be looking for the presence of fire-extinguishing chemicals.

It is vital that the initial inspection includes an examination for water damage. Left alone, that excess water can quickly become a mold and mildew problem that causes further damage. Identifying water damage immediately prevents this from happening.

The inspection and assessment part of the process concludes with an estimate that can be submitted to your insurance provider.

2. Contain Areas Damaged by Fire and Begin Salvaging

Frequently, house fires are contained to just one or two rooms. Isolating those affected rooms from the rest of the house is essential to ensuring a minimum of risk to the rest of the property. Protective barriers will be placed around the affected areas, and tarps will be placed over any holes in the roof. Each personal item that is found within the fire-damaged area will be assessed for salvage. While some items may be too damaged to repair, other items can be dried, cleaned and deodorized. Using the latest techniques and technology, many possessions that once would have been thrown away after a fire can now be saved.

We also have the ability to store delicate items and valuables off-site during the restoration process for their protection.

3. Clear Away Ash and Debris and Demolish Unsalvageable Items

Any structural materials that cannot be saved will be promptly demolished while we are also clearing away any ash and debris. All demolished materials and debris will be removed from the site and disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion.

4. Clean Up the Mess Left Behind by Emergency Responders

Firefighters are extremely good at what they do, but they do leave a path of destruction in their wake. Standing water is promptly removed by powerful extractors. Chemicals left behind by fire extinguishers are eliminated and fans and dehumidifiers are used to reduce moisture levels in the air. Hygrometers are used to measure moisture levels and to seek dampness hidden in out-of-the-way places like subfloors and attics.

5. Eliminate Soot and Smoke Smells

Even if the fire only damaged one room in the house, the soot and smoke coming from it may sneak into every corner of the building and the HVAC system. The technicians will identify items throughout the house that have been discolored by soot or smell like smoke. HVAC units are cleaned to ensure that they are no longer redistributing soot and smoke throughout the building. Antimicrobial agents and detergents are applied to all surfaces to ensure that they are clean and hygienic.

6. Reconstruction

If your home needs any new sheetrock, doors or other construction components as a result of a fire, then Dri-Max Restoration can help you with the reconstruction. We consider it our responsibility to return your home to pre-loss conditions. Also, we can provide recommendations regarding trusted contractors who can take on larger projects.

7. Final Inspection

Before leaving the premises, we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that no signs of smoke, fire or water damage remain. The job isn’t done until you are satisfied with it, and this means that we are willing to retreat any areas that are still showing signs of damage.

Helping You With Insurance Claims

If you are making a claim with your insurance company, Dri-Max Restoration can facilitate the process by preserving photographic evidence and providing all necessary documentation. We respond promptly to your requests for this documentation when it’s needed.

Contact Dri-Max Restoration today to learn more about our fire damage restoration process. Our full menu of services is designed to return your home to the safe haven that it was before the fire occurred.


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